Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Fall comfort food- Ham and Egg Pie.

Yes, It's that time of year again folks. We have had as good a summer as I can remember, but with my memory, that's not too far. The warmth we have experienced is now showing up in a bumper crop of apples and pears, with which we will be pressing for our 2103 cider (hard) pretty soon. What better to go with a pint of dry cider than one of the tastiest savory pies known to man and woman. Of course, I am talking about Ham and Egg Pie.
Every now and then, we purchase a large ham. Towards the end of its life, I indulge myself with making one of these.

I cut the leftover meat off the bone (Pea and Ham Soup next) and stick it in the food processor with some onion, sage and salt and pepper then pulse it until the ham is coarsely chopped. I added 3 whole eggs to the mixture, then lightly folded it into the meat. I try and leave it so you can still see yolk and white, so you get a colorful striation in the finished pie.

I make my short crust with both lard and butter (about 60/40) and I use an egg as part of the liquid. This gives a wonderful color and texture. I also add a teaspoon full of English Mustard (the secret ingredient, Shhh, don't tell a soul.)

You can use whatever pie dish you want to and add ingredients the same as you would for any other pie. Bake at 360 degees for 30 minutes or until the pie turns a gorgeous golden brown.
Once cooked, let it to cool before serving.

I like to eat it with fresh garden tomatoes and pickled beets, or home made chutney, but you could serve it any way you like.

The bone is already in the pot with a bunch of root veggies and split peas.

Fall......bring it on.

Sorry, I had to take a bite.

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Maybe see you there.

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