Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Two totally unrelated treats. Minted Pears and Citrus Aioli

Sometimes life has a habit of getting in the way of business, and in this case from Blogging. I have been busy all summer catering outdoor parties due to the most amazing weather we have been having, but I did find time to make a few treats for myself and friends.

#1 - Minted Pears
Last harvest time, we aquired a lot of lovely ripe pears. Unable to eat them all, we canned some in Cider Vinegar infused with fresh Mint. Almost one year on, I opened the first jar to go with some Lamb shoulder steaks fresh off the grill.

Along with Fingerling Potatoes, Snap Peas and Kale from the garden, this made an excellent dinner on a warm summer evening.

#2 - Tomatoes, still warm from the greenhouse.
I had some Ciabatta bread left over from the previous night, so I toasted a few slices with a drizzle of Olive Oil, mixed the cut tomatoes with fresh Oregano, salt and black pepper, and then dripped fresh Citrus Aioli over the top. Garnished with Oregano and Marjoram flowers, and a glass of Viognier in hand, I braved the elements outside on the deck.
Whisk the egg yolks, lemon juice, English mustard and seasoning until combined and double in volume, then add the olive oil bit by bit, whisking constantly. Add the crushed garlic at the end.

Oh how I love my garden in the summer.

Only one problem, I have to share everything with my girls, even my wine.