Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Edamame, Mint and Feta Bruschetta

I was contacted last week to cater for a party here on Vashon, so I thought I'd show you a couple of items on the menu. The one detailed here is a Bruschetta of Edamame, Mint  and Feta. It is quick and easy, and very tasty.
All you need for the topping is a packet of frozen Edamame, an 8 oz packet of Feta, a handful of garden mint, a couple of tablespoons of walnut oil and some lemon juice to give it a citrus tang. Oh, also some salt and black pepper. Careful with the salt though, as the Feta can be salty enough.

Pop the Edamame into a food processor and pulse for a few seconds until you break up the Edamame into popcorn size pieces.

Add half of the crumbled Feta, lemon juice, walnut oil, mint and S&P then pulse again unti combined. It should still be visible as individual items and not a pulp.

Cut a day old baguette (if you can find one in the mark down section, otherwise use fresh) into thin diagonal slices, toast on both sides until golden brown round the edges, then set aside to cool.

One this is done, start piling the minty green Edamame mixture onto the toast, patting it down lightly before adding the larger crumbled pieces of Feta. I added a couple of thin slivers of shallot onto the top before arranging them on a platter.

This mixture makes about 20 Bruschetta, and won't last 5 minutes on the table.

I also made some Cherry Tomato, Thyme and Dijon tartlettes (shown below). I'll have to blog these at a later date as I am up to my arse in house re-modeling, drywall dust and rusty nails. Oh the joys of working from home.

Bye for now.

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