Monday, December 10, 2012

Mussels with Chorizo

This is one of my favorite Mussel dishes. You can leave out the Chorizo and Saffron, and you will get a classic Moules Mariniere. Either way, it is quick, easy and incredibly tasty. Serve it as Tapas, or as a full main course, with lots of crusty bread for soaking up the wonderful sauce.
The Mussels we get at our local store come from Whidbey Island (Penn Cove). I prefer the medium sized ones, just for their sweeter taste.

The basic ingredients are shown above. 1lb of Mussels will serve 4-6 as a tapas easily. Skin the Chorizo (Mexican) and use about half for this recipe. Cut it into smaller pieces

Finely chop Shallots (onion pictured here as I forgot to get them from the store and I couldn't be arsed bothered to go back and get them. Sauté in a little olive oil to soften.

 Add Chorizo and brown without over cooking, then add the wine.

Add Mussels (remove the beard just before) and the Cream, Saffron and cover. Bring to boil until the Mussels open. Remove the mussels with a slotted spoon to a warm serving dish and bring the liquid back to the boil until it reduces to a thicker consistency


Season to taste. Pour the sauce over the Mussels and decorate with a touch of sweet Paprika and chopped Parsley

 Serve immediately with lots of crusty bread.


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